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A Day in the Life: Global Legal Blockchain Consortium

I had the pleasure of attending the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium's annual meeting yesterday (see #GLBC18 on Twitter). Comprised of law firms, companies and law schools, this organization essentially tools around with blockchain applications in the legal services space (dream job!). The first hour and a half were updates on the Consortium's technical findings and practical application findings. The latter three hours were presentations and demos of different blockchain applications. I think the biggest takeaway from the day was that document identification, management and verification are prime areas for distributed ledger technologies in the legal industry.

I've highlighted some of the presenters that I found especially interesting below. I encourage you to check them out!


This is a popular tool for process servers that is designed to solve the problem of a lack of transparency in the service processing business. The proof of concept provides stakeholders with access to verifiable, untampered service of process data. Find out more here.

IBM Watson

AI, AI, AI. Watson is an enterprise solution that leverages artificial intelligence to bring about efficiencies but also new lines of business in the legal services space (and other industries). AI is only as good as the data upon which it acts and blockchain is viewed as the solution to the problem of data integrity. Read up on the IBM Watson blog.


Legaler aims to solve the global problem of access to justice by making it easy for users to build out applications (presumably ones that address the problem) using its blockchain infrastructure and tools. From tokenized crowdsourcing to lawyer verification, the realm of possible applications is vast. Find out more about the Australian company and its work here.

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