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DoD on the Block

So I'm not a techie. I know about how technological things work insofar as they serve to create efficiencies. But I don't know the nuts and bolts (or the 1s and 0s) of how technological things actually work. Fortunately, I didn't need to know these things to predict that blockchain would be a big deal when I embarked on this blockchain journey almost 2.5 years ago. There have been many "I told you so!" moments over the course of my journey, and I have another one.

The Department of Defense (DoD) recently released a report entitled, "DoD Digital Modernization Strategy." This document CLEARLY doesn't include anything classified or sensitive. However, it does provide some insight into the strategic priorities of the largest federal agency (at least as they relate to digital capabilities). The report identifies four specific initiatives: innovation for advantage, optimization, resilient cybersecurity, and cultivation of talent. Now for my moment--one of the technologies that the DoD is exploring in the context of the "resilient cybersecurity" initiative is blockchain! Specifically, they will be exploring how blockchain can make messaging more secure. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on creating an unhackable code that could work with blockchain technology to provide information on would-be/wannabe/attempted hackers.

I love it. This isn't the first time DoD has lauded the advantages of blockchain, but I was under a rock somewhere the last few times (supply chain, anyone?).

My "I told you so" comes from the fact that many of my friends, family and coworkers to whom I raved about blockchain thought I was a lunatic 2.5 years ago. The strange, concerned and confused looks I'd receive (and still receive, if I'm being honest) when I talked about the promise of blockchain were amusing. It's not just for criminals, folks!

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