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When You Byte Off More Than You Can Chew

...well, you end up choking.

But I'm back (again)! I jumped feet first into two pretty demanding commitments last fall and couldn't keep up with blogging and those commitments AND my 9-5. So, I had to temporarily put down my quest to become a super blogger. But here we are again--back to blogging and SUPER excited!

I'm especially excited because I'm in the early stages of launching my first blockchain project. My energy for the tech is pretty high. Add to that the bitcoin halving (breakdown to come) and the fact that JP Morgan's true crypto intentions have finally been revealed (well, confirmed), and now feels like the perfect time to return to my blawg. (Not to mention the whole being homebound due to COVID-19 social distancing.)

Stay tuned for more! If you have questions or suggested topics or just want to chat about blockchain/distributed ledger tech/crypto, you can reach me at info@blockchainblawg.com or on Twitter @blockchainblawg.

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