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Welcome to Blockchain Blawg

In the spring of 2017, I checked out three books from my local library (those still exist). One book detailed the history of bitcoin and introduced me to the concept of the blockchain. The second book detailed various use cases for distributed ledger technologies generally. I don't recall what the third book was about because I didn't get a chance to read it but these books kicked off my journey down the blockchain road. And I've been on it ever since. I am not shy about my fascination with all things blockchain. Because I am an attorney, I get all sorts of random questions about the legality and enforceability of blockchain activities (spoiler alert: I rarely know the answers). This blawg (law + blog) was more or less borne out of those random, sometimes outlandish questions. I also want to learn and help others learn more about blockchain. Most people that know about blockchain only know about it in the context of cryptocurrency (which does not enjoy the best reputation f