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Domains on the Chain

Have you ever purchased a domain name? Every single time I have a "billion-dollar idea," I buy a domain name. It's a habit that I got into about 6 years ago. I've owned countless domain names but one of the annoying things about buying domains is that you have to renew them annually (so, it's really more like you're renting the domain name). You are also more or less at the mercy of the domain host, domain registrar, server host, and/or governmental and non-governmental organizations. These entities all have varying degrees of control over your use of your domain. This is a hallmark of the centralized digital world we live in. But, as I've said for many years now, blockchain technology presents the opportunity to change that. I recently learned about Unstoppable Domains--a service offering domain names that end in .crypto or .zil. Domain names purchased from Unstoppable Domains are owned by the purchasers for forever (no annual fees), they are stored in a